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Lesson Philosophy & Information

Marjory’s goal at each lesson is for students to leave playing and sounding better than when they arrived, preferably with a laugh or two in the process. 

Marjory teaches Classical repertoire mixed with pieces from other genres. Lessons vary in length from 30 minutes to 75 minutes depending on the student’s age and level of piano study, and parents are welcome at lessons.


Once students reach the intermediate grades of piano study, they also study musical theory in a class. In addition to supporting the students’ piano lessons, these classes create a musical community for each participating child. 


Piano Lesson Format

Lessons are available in three formats. Students and parents can choose the format that best suits the student's learning style and the family's needs. 


In-person Lessons

In-person lessons are the traditional format for piano lessons. They are taught at Marjory's home studio in Port Coquitlam or at Place des Arts in Coquitlam. 

Online Lessons

The pandemic created and demanded a new style of teaching. Suddenly, the centuries old model of in-person lessons was no longer possible. Instead, the new frontier of online lessons required a steep learning curve and investment in new technologies. This new platform of teaching required imagination and creativity and has reshaped teaching in lasting ways. It has been an exciting journey, and Marjory still finds it amazing to be teaching students from Vancouver Island to Calgary. 

For online lessons, students need a computer, piano, and a good Wi-Fi connection. 


Hybrid lessons are a combination of in-person and online lessons. The studio is designed to switch seamlessly from in-person to online lessons, so students and parents can choose which weeks to attend in person or online.  


There are many performing opportunities for students throughout the year including: monthly Mini-recitals, a Halloween Recital for the younger students, a Holiday recital in December, and a June Recital to celebrate all the year’s accomplishments. Students have the option to participate in music festivals and exams, and advanced students may also participate in master classes with prominent musicians.

Students participate only in the events which are appropriate for their level of study. For example, beginning piano students perform in the Halloween Recital, Holiday Recital, and June Recital. Also, Marjory plays a duet part with them for these first recitals to ensure a positive beginning to their performing journey. For an advanced student, it is beneficial to perform often, so he or she would participate in nearly all the events.

Regardless of the level, Marjory makes sure students are carefully and fully prepared for each performance. As a result, students feel confident and have a great sense of accomplishment and pride; the most powerful encouragement is the feeling of success.

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